sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016


Hi! Just came by mainly to share a portrait I kinda like because I think it is pretty much how I see myself and also to say I've been feeling quite happy lately (most days, haha)! 

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Lisbon Of My Adulthood #?

Because this is what it is like to be a grown up. Just suck it up and keep going. If the cup is half empty, just fill it to the top.

When I first started this "Lisbon Of My Adulthood" thing it just made sense because Lisbon is where I was going to spend most of my time during this transition into adulthood. But I never thought what it is like to be an adult. I guess I knew I would be more independent, I had to go shopping, cooking by myself, do all those boring chords (that I didn't find boring at the time haha) and still I never though about the emotional requirements of being an adult . And the first thing you think when something doesn't go the way you've planned is that you just did not signed up for all that mess. 
The thing is, you did. But it was in those little letters no one reads you know?
After the holidays and a few weekends in a row spent at home I ended missing it more that I thought I would. More than I should actually. I mean, ME? I love Lisbon and I've always felt like I belong here, more than anywhere else. That just didn't make sense. Well, I was emotional and needed my parents (feeling a little bit dramatic and silly as I type this) and I didn't want to stay in the city for the weekend. Ended up at my uncle's with my cousins and that felt good, like home in the city. The rest of the weekend was actually even better. Got to go out for coffee, food and a walk with a friend, talked about life in general and now I feel refreshed.
Ha, looking back I think I gotta learn to be more relaxed and just let things flow because time and distance, really make us look at things from a different perspective.