segunda-feira, 11 de setembro de 2017

Indonesia, Part II

So, the first two weeks I would say were slow and nothing seemed to be going on with the project. By the end of week 2 I had already gone to a traditional muslim wedding, a birthday party of a 1 year old baby and another birthday dinner of my host's best friend. I had hitten all the trendy cafes in town, I had already gone to the cinema and had had ice cream and pizza, but I had no friends from my project. I liked these two weeks with just Amber and Sike but I felt there was something missing.
I remember that the weekend between weeks 2 and 3 we went to Samalona Island and I loved it! :)) It's super close to Makassar and you get there by boat, it takes you only around 20 minutes. We brought snacks and spent the day having fun in the sun. The water is the most transparent one I've seen. The sea is an infinite of light blue and so clear you can spot the fishes under water, warm and no waves. I was in love. Also, the amount of cute shells I found... :) 

And then stuff started happening. Good and bad stuff ;) but we'll get there - haha. 
Finally we stopped having so many useless meetings and started to get some work done. I think the first time I made friends and enjoyed my time with the group was on a saturday evening we went campaigning to Pantai Losari. Before that I remeber one day at Fort Rotterdam after lunch time (I didn't have luch that day, actually, and was desperate to go home or grab something to eat) where we gathered in two groups and I got to know some people, but I couldn't even remember everyone's names afterwards. And then, on another day at Pod House, next to Telkomsel - a cute cafe where I had the best and cheapest club sandwich - we met with the puropose of getting some ppt presentations done for the following week.
There I had a debate with Hajar, Monie and João about religion and asked for ketchup and was given a spicy sauce. Now I now that ketchup is called tomato sauce in Indonesia.  

Bad things took place too. By then I had already had herpes on my lips (well, I don't even want to know how I got it, honestly), broke my phone into tiny, tiny pieces and lost my credit card. Life seemed to be going pretty well and I didn't miss home AT-ALL, as you can imagine.
Mom offered to pay my plane ticket back to Portugal but I knew I had to just suck it up and get it done. I stayed until the end and I am so glad I did...