quinta-feira, 22 de setembro de 2016


Nothing to add. Just wanted to post a few pics. Don't know if I'm ever going to catch up with my summer photos (I've changed laptops and am still trying to figure my pics out). See you soon. Promise. 

quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2016

Costa Vicentina '16

Back in early August me and 3 more friends met in Lisbon and headed south, always by the ocean. Our idea was to visit a few places along the shore - Costa Vicentina - one of the most beautiful landscapes Portugal has to offer. Honestly I am also a fan of the dry and yellow hay contrasting with the blue sky kind of view, so I am always delighted to road tripping throughout Alentejo. 
I could post here a few snippets from the views we got to see but I'll confess that since I am writing this so out of time I am doing it only to make it a permanent memory and editing photos would take a lot of time, so I'll stick with just a few, mostly of us (or me, I'm sorry). 

We started with Odeceixe, the northest of our destinations and then it was just going souther until we make it to Aljezur. We stayed every night in the same village, Almograve, which was actually one of my personal favourites, but had time to see Furnas, Vila Nova de Mil Fontes, Ilha do Pessegueiro, and my number one, Porto Côvo.

sábado, 3 de setembro de 2016


Hi, do you still remember me? Because I don't even remember myself.
I am well aware of my absence for the past few months. The only justification I can give you is being on holidays (also, to be noted: my computer is being fixed for ages now and I am so annoyed I wasn't given it back. It's been like more than a month and I swear it wasn't that big of a deal.Grrr.)

So, during this time away I've done a lot of different things and been in a lot of different places. I don't even know where to start, but I sure do love a few snippets from those times and I would like to share them here, at least just so they don't remain in my computer forever, useless. I know I will enjoy to check them later too, since I cherish all the moments represented through the photos. 

So, buckle up and here it goes, with no specific order:

These bunch are from a birthday party back in early July (it's September 3rd now, just so you get the idea -haha)