segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015


Summer is ending. And so is my free time, my inspiration and my hard drive's memory.
I've been feeling absent lately. Although I love this time of the year when the autumn makes its first mild and humble appeareance, with the changing of the seasons I tend to feel a little bit numb. 
Therefore I just wanted to explain why I may possibly not come around so often. 
Until that I hope to post a little bit of what I've been and will be up to these days. A family pic nic awaits me!

Now, on the bright side... Do you remember that post I talked about my neighbours, a.k.a. friends for life? When summer was still summer for real me and J went on a girls date just to catch up. We live in different cities now and when we come home we never get to see each other because we stay for a very short time and end up spending all that time with our families. But as I've told you: nothing ever changes. That's the beauty of long lasting friendships that you make while you're still a kid being all innocent and honest. I whish I would still be like that sometimes! - ah
And isn't she a beauty? ;) 

segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2015


This post is clearly about food but not really about the Kitchen. One of the things I like most is gathering with family and friends around the table and food is always a good excuse to celebrate life. 
The weather around here is not warm and sunny anymore. Summer has been a bit shy lately and I tend to spend more time in the kitchen when it's chilly and cloudy. It gives me some kind of confort and makes up for the lack of warmth. 
The numbness takes over me around this time of the year as I see the end of the summer on the horizon. But still, I  urge to enjoy the last moments I can spend with the ones I love and this is how I like to do it. 

Have a nice week! 

sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2015

Random Post

Before I went on vacation I took a morning to wander with my mom. As you can see my mom is the one who puts up with me whenever I feel like going for a walk and take some portraits. That day was no exception and off we went to my favourite place in the city, Fontelo.
My purpose was mainly to take some polaroids but I don't know what in the world is going on with that thing which is making me so disappointed these days- bah.
That didn't work out so my digital camera did the job! 

P.s.: don't know why but with time I ended up disliking these pictures more than liking them... Hope you like them though!

quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2015

Family Time

When I was little my parents always insisted that their kids would know their own country first and now I am really thankful they did. On the other hand we would travel a lot more north and I actually learned that I love south better. Nowadays I have a say when it comes to choose where to go on vacation and I always tend to elect Alentejo. I guess it is because that's what's more distant from what I know and am surrounded by. The food, the architecture, the weather, the lanscapes... And I really enjoy it! 

After spending a week in Algarve with some friends I came back home for a day or two (not long really) and then I left with mom for a few days in Alentejo. We enjoyed our mornings and evenings touristing and spent most afternoons relaxing by the pool at the hotel we were staying at because it was insanely hot to walk.

This time around mom and I stayed in Elvas and then visited some places nearby, such as Flor da Rosa (my favourite!), Alandroal, Nisa, Campo Maior, Alter do Chão and Vila Viçosa. I've already been in Alter do Chão, Nisa and Vila Viçosa and I have very dear memories from those times, so it was good to beback.

segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

Back To Business

Excuse me for my absence -I'm now back home from my vacation! 
I put all my effort into enjoying my holidays in the most relaxing way so I don't bring my laptop with me and my phone is often forgotten in my purse. At some point it becomes involuntary, but in these past two weeks I ended up updating all my social networks at once (and only once!!). And I must say it felt good to let go that almost addictive behaviour.

To sum up very quickly, I spent a week in Algarve with friends. And we did every single thing every 19 yo girl is meant to do on vay-cay! We sunbathed until tanned (not burned;)), went for a swim so many times I can't recall, we danced, we watched the sunset and the sunrise! It felt good to get loose! 

I got to capture some of these moments tough I'm quite sure I'll never forget them anyway. Here they are: