sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2016


2016 was hard. Don't even know if that's the word. Ups and downs, every year is the same. This one had a bit more downs than ups and even if the ups were good I guess the downs just took them over.

I remember ending 2015 with doubts about myself, my feelings and what was still to come. January came easy, I made a new friend who is worth to be mentioned, not because our friendship lasted but because it had quite an impact on me. That was probabily the shortest friendship I've ever made but it was still significant. I discovered new songs and watched Fight Club for the first time, as well as Drive and loved them both. Looking back I've appreciated every moment of it.

I turned 20 in February. Said goodbye to my teen years. They are now behind me. I remember my birthday clearly and I feel I've celebrated for way too long and it felt good. I surrounded myself with the ones I love and made it a happy time. I guess I started to enjoy birthdays all over again.

My exames turned out not to be so great but I got over it with a quick trip to Porto with my best friends and sister. I met G. And that's all I remember about the the arriving of spring. I guess this was the month were the good things really tried to counterbalance the bad ones. 

And then April, obviously. I should go through my camera roll or my laptop filles to see what I was up to by then - that is one of the reasons why I like photographing and writing down stuff so much. Documenting what my memory can't remember for long gives somethings a new meaning of existence I didn't know they had. So this wasn't a big month but there is something worth mention, and it was Mafalda's birthday :)) Apart from that I've wandered a bit with friends and family and had a few car trips, not far though. Didn't enjoy any of them in particular, I realise now. 

May. Don't need to go anywhere because it does not seem very far to me. Time has passed and May was a pretty good one. I remember the first time I said G. I liked him, threw a little party at our place in Lisbon in close friends and had more fun in Coimbra (thanks Xana!!), now with G. by my side :)) 

June was peaceful. Portugal scored all the way through the Euro and made it to the finals. We ended up victorious but it didn't really had an impact on me, lol. Went to Algarve with a few of my bestfriends and it was it, 

July came along and times were quiet. Went to Algarve with family, had a few nights out with friends, especially with JC, who would always be only a call away. Also ran my socks off - that was always fun, thanks for the patience JC :))

August was clearly marked by my trip to Madeira! And I guess that's all this month comes up to. Ended the summer with a bunch of beautiful pictures of the ocean. 

September settled in, went to Coimbra for a few days with G. and actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Thanks for having me!! Back to classes and to the same old routines. 

October - bam, so close and I can't even remember it! Except for G.'s birthday (ahah) that we actually did not spent together and neither has he celebrated because he says he does not care much about that day. I was happy for him turning 23 though :)  Meanwhile I watched Forest Gump for the first time and how could I not love it, right? 

November and MC turned 20! Missed her specially that day. We celebrated latter on and I had quite some fun! My grandfather passed away and JC took me to the cinema. That was the last time we were together and only spoke to each other a few weeks afterwards. This was a tough month overall. 

And here we are. December is here, I lost a friend and I miss him so. Every single day. Christmas is just around the corner and I don't even feel like celebrating. Doubting myself once again. So, I guess I am just back at the starting point. Another year, another ride. 

Thought of posting a colourful portrait just to brighten up a bit what's left of 2016. I hope this next one comes easier to me. I don't have many particular wishes, and the ones I haver really are either silly or just the basic but important things. So, I guess this is it. 

Wish you all a merry, merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  

sexta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2016

The End of an Era

Don't have much to say. We are growing apart.
Thank you for your friendship, for making me laugh and for driving me late at night. Thanks for all the runs, the silly dances and songs I shouted. And I am sorry if I've ever been unfair with you.