quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2017

Day to day

You know when you have so much to say you don't even know where to start so you don't even feel like sharing? That's me right now. Also I am short in time. Still, had a good day off with my mum yesterday to celebrate her birthday (which I missed because I had an exame coming soon). I always have fun with that girl! I love her. 
See you soon!

terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2017

domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2017

Films of the Year

Don't know about you but my night was a turbulent one. Fell flat on my bed by 7a.m. and I still haven't processed much of what happened that night, that was pretty much a representation of my whole year. 
Today I've done nothing, as expected, but I did watch a film, an italian one, called "Perfetti Sconosciuti" - or you can call it drama, drama, drama instead if you want. So basically and summing up, the whole story goes around a bunch of friends who find out each one of them has something to hide. At the end I felt quite upset because I couldn't keep recalling a conversation I had last night about a couple who share their lives, their kids lives but sleep in separate bedrooms and don't live in harmony. Most of the plot was about relationships, cheating or lying and hiding important stuff from one another. 
Yesterday night I felt incredible sad for my friend's parents. And I thought about my own parents. They are now divorced for quite some years but I don't ever remember them calling disrespectful names to each other and although me and my sister could sense something wasn't right, we only found out because I saw a letter from the court and asked what it was about, so the cenario at home wasn't that bad so we could see it coming.
The film was everything I don't want to myself. That close couple is everything I don't want in my life. I certainly couldn't live in such anguish, unsure of myself or the life I was living and I wonder what keeps this people together, bearing situations that are so destructive and unhealthy. I guess this is all a sociological problem and each situation is different from the other but I also ask to myself if those couples who endure are the ones that you pass by down the street holding hands and taking their grandchildren for a stroll. And if at the end any of those things matter, if there is love, if aging makes you look at things different..
So I guess there is no rights or wrongs, or if there is, your right may be my wrong, what works with some may not work with others.
Not judging anyone, just a personal thought. So, all that said; while watching this bunch of drama I thought about the films I enjoyed the most this year. I'll try to order them chronologically (in the order I've watched them) and rank them. Please, try not to judge for watching any of them just now with such delay. Here it goes:

Drive 7/10
Fight Club 7/10
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 7/10
Forrest Gump 10/10
Léon the Professional 8/10 

I guess that was it.  Of course I watched Amélie last night before midnight because it is my all time favourite :))