terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017

So far, Indonesia has been an adventure. More to come.
I cannot illustrate and even less begin to explain to you how life is in this place. What you see here for sure is an ice cream shop somewhere in a western, developed country. But the true is it isn't. This country is a place that makes me question everything. And I really mean everything. But I'll talk about that later. 
For now, I'll leave you with this cute little ice cream corner called KYOUCHII in Makassar. For a moment, you almost could forget you are in the middle of nowhere. 

terça-feira, 4 de julho de 2017

Before I Go

I'm leaving to Indonesia in less than a week. I will stay for a month and a half, on the other side of the world. In a new world. 
Before I go, I want to enjoy every second of it. I want to ride my bike at midnight, grab a cheeseburguer or surf the waves under a starry sky and a full moon, sit and have an honest talk. No pretending. And when I come back I want to do it all the same, no false starts, no second chances, all new, all over again. And I dare myself, not to stay the same, but still being me. 

quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2017

As I am today

She likes to walk alone and she walks fast. She likes to run at dusk when it's chilly and preffers a soft drizzle of rain falling on her face while doing so. 
Mornings are her favourite part of the day and when she wakes up she likes to listen to music, but preferably after breakfast, while making her bed before leaving for college. 
She doubts her feelings and her likings somedays. Sometimes she feels very secure of herself. She's usually energetic but is becoming lazier as the time goes by. 
She usually takes a nap after lunch. Or before dinner.
Her favourite film is "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain". Admires left handed people and likes to celebrate little milestones. 
Travelling excites her, but tires her so much too. 
Can't imagine a future without children of her own.
She's scared by the unkown and likes to be in control. She also hates surprises. Don't do it. But appreciates spontaneity nonetheless. 
Her favourite place is a park near home. 
She has cut her own hair twice. Once when she was a child, the other a week ago, at 21yo.
She owns a pink kanken which she adores. 
She has never left europe.
She also hasn't read a book for two years now, which makes her immensely sad.
She has began Tolstoy's "War and Peace" about 5 times and has never finished it.
Her favourite books are "Amor de Perdição" and "The Portrait of Dorian Gray".
Until this day, she's never liked peas, although she can bare them to a certain point. 

terça-feira, 30 de maio de 2017

People Who Inspire Me

While growing up I've met a few remarkable people. Which one was incredible and unique in their own way and I think that's beautiful. Naturally, some will always have more impact on you than others. Some you will connect with and some you won't. And that's just fine. 
Eventually I've realised that there are these two incredible people in my life. It happens them to be both ladies and both close to me, which makes me feel so dang special.  
Even though it took me some time to realise their full potential, since then I just knew they would do great in life. Doing whatever they would be doing, having no matter who by their side, and leading their lives no matter the place, the only constant in all of this is time: they'll always be the best at what they do.
Because they do it for love, they do it passionately, or they would not do it at all. They do it with enthusiasm and curiosity and they are never content. They also have their doubts and their mishaps. Still, they'll soon be back at their feet. 
All of this because one of that people is my sister, who is now in Prague attending a conference and let me just say I am the proudest sissy in the world. She's a young scientist leading scientific studies and researches on sexuality, she is now a published author (whoop whoop!) and I love her. I love you I.! 
pics from two weeks ago when she came to visit 

quarta-feira, 10 de maio de 2017

I love him deeply, I love him slowly, I love him surely

I remember back in the day when we started dating how I didn't feel the spark. I guess I never do at the beginning and you were no exception. I also remember coming home from a drink with you and saying to my sister "you know what?" and she answered without me adding anything else "yes, I do. You're thinking you don't love him". She was right. 
I guess the way we experience emotions is very particular and very personal. I also think that we didn't feel the same way when it all began. I am still not sure we do, although I am positive we love each other deeply. I am sure of my feelings and I do not question yours. It is just the way we experience things that varies. 

When I was younger (not that I've experienced much since then) I used to avoid registering things related to love in particular, but with any emotion in general. My memory has always been quite good and I did not need help to remember my past, assuming there were things I did not want to come across in the future. If you think about it, I am a junkie for photography and so far, one year later, we only have one picture of the both of us, taken with an i-Pod that happens to be yours, not even mine. Still, I have kept that photograph dearly. 

I guess there is only one thing I really can't forget, not because I want to, but because it had quite an impact on me. And I do realise there are things that you could have done which could have hurt me more, or just the same. It was this one time, not that long ago, when we met and you said you hadn't come because you've missed me, but simply because you've commited. So there we were, after 2 or 3 weeks of not seeing each other.
Do not feel bad, you still are the best part in this relationship of ours. I have never said such thing, but I have had my part of blunders and I do admit I am far from being perfect, only being sorry and thankful for all the times you have to put up with a flawed me. 

Still, I have to say, it took me a while to acknowledge this, but I remember the exact moment I thought I might like you, I mean, really like you. :)) Slowly, but surely I realised I do love you.  
I can never say enough or expound all the reasons why I do. There are the big things and the little things. I love the way you talk with your hands and pretty much the way your hands move in general, I love that when you smile your dimples show up and it lights up my day. Also, the way you walk, which is very peculiar and very yours. 
I love that you are smart and resourceful, that you seek the whys and wherefores, that you never settle until it makes sense to you. I also like that you are aware of these as qualities of yours.
Also, I appreciate your values, your education, your comprehension and your patience. I am thankful for your love, your concerns and your doubts.
Your silly jokes make my day. The texts you send me when I am asleep or a random call in the middle of the day, your gum packages and cd collections that I am dedicated to contribute to. All things I adore. 
You are the most complete person I know, and therefore my favourite too. I also like your kisses, they are my favourite too :)

Sometimes I lack in words, other times I don't and it ends up with me pointing out all of this. With the years passing by I got wiser and also tougher. I've changed and today I appreciate writing a bit of what I feel and am up to. This is me today, and it makes me so happy that I want to be able to come back to this kind of feeling, no matter what the future holds, or life leads me to. 

quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Chances are:

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be back to some countries, or cities, or just places. My absolute favourite trips where Amesterdam (2014); Brussels (2014) and Koln (2015). They do not coincide with my favourite destinations and/or cities (except for amsterdam), nor with my favourite architecture, gastronomy, art, lanscapes, and so on and so on.

At the end of the day I sure know what I enjoyed and what I did not like as much, but if I was to count all the pros and cons, the answers wouldn't always coincide with which my all time favourite trips really are. And life is like any other trip. By the end of it, is the feeling that counts, even if the result isn't reasonably justified by the rules of logic.

Just as the old saying goes, it is mind versus heart. But the important is to keep them both open :))

...to be continued