quinta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2015

She Travels

Guess who took a break from college and went on a mini vacay? Oh, you sure got it right! Me!
Since there was a holiday on tuesday, myself, momma and sissi packed our cases and off we went to Germany for a long weekend. Fact number one: it was my first (and only, because hello december 17!) trip abroad this year after two years of traveling lots. Anyways, our destination was chosen by the simple fact that both Dusseldorf and Cologne sounded more interesting in this time of the year because of their many Christmas Markets, which was proven right!

We stayed in Dusseldorf because the flight was cheaper than to Cologne but I regret it all... Dusseldorf happens not to be very interesting and althought it is a big city indeed, there isn't much to do or see, besides Christmas Markets of course, but even those... we got to see them all in just one day! 
They are in fact wonderful, you just can't avoid loving Christmas!! It feels like North Pole or something - speaking of which: the weather was just perfect, chilly but not freezing cold, no wind, no rain, and the sun peeking through the clouds!

Besides that, we had a nice walk down the promenade, explored the new part of Dusseldorf and a little bit of the old town (loved that part, it is actually so different but so pretty!). Apart from that we also got to see a little park next to the new complex where you can find Apple Store and a few fancy restaurants and shops. But if you are going to do some shopping, there's nothing like Konigsallee, which is worth more than a strole, particulary after the sun sets and when all the christmas lights hanging on the trees are lit up. 

Fact number two: never though I would say this but I actually loved German food. Or at least what they had at the markets. I mean, although I've never seen so many McDonalds by square feet, there are equally indulgent offers at any stand in these Markets. I had fries every-single-day and they were some of the best I ever had. Also tried their potato fritters, sausages (wrust, probabily the only word I memorised), crepes, looooots of hot cocoa, and bretzels forever (same as pretzels, funny how the only german that stick in my head is related to food). I had at least one each day and I was seriously considering bringing home a whole bunch of them to freeze and eat for the rest of the year...
Also, another great thing about germans is that they have some of the best bread and bakeries I've ever tried or been to, and that I was not expecting, which shows how well informed I went to Germany, right...?  

A few more photos below:

I'll keep Cologne to a next post - and what I tought of Germans too ;) also, a few funny moments await you. And others not so funny as well, because that's life... So, stay tuned!

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