segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

Back To Business

Excuse me for my absence -I'm now back home from my vacation! 
I put all my effort into enjoying my holidays in the most relaxing way so I don't bring my laptop with me and my phone is often forgotten in my purse. At some point it becomes involuntary, but in these past two weeks I ended up updating all my social networks at once (and only once!!). And I must say it felt good to let go that almost addictive behaviour.

To sum up very quickly, I spent a week in Algarve with friends. And we did every single thing every 19 yo girl is meant to do on vay-cay! We sunbathed until tanned (not burned;)), went for a swim so many times I can't recall, we danced, we watched the sunset and the sunrise! It felt good to get loose! 

I got to capture some of these moments tough I'm quite sure I'll never forget them anyway. Here they are: 

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