segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015


Summer is ending. And so is my free time, my inspiration and my hard drive's memory.
I've been feeling absent lately. Although I love this time of the year when the autumn makes its first mild and humble appeareance, with the changing of the seasons I tend to feel a little bit numb. 
Therefore I just wanted to explain why I may possibly not come around so often. 
Until that I hope to post a little bit of what I've been and will be up to these days. A family pic nic awaits me!

Now, on the bright side... Do you remember that post I talked about my neighbours, a.k.a. friends for life? When summer was still summer for real me and J went on a girls date just to catch up. We live in different cities now and when we come home we never get to see each other because we stay for a very short time and end up spending all that time with our families. But as I've told you: nothing ever changes. That's the beauty of long lasting friendships that you make while you're still a kid being all innocent and honest. I whish I would still be like that sometimes! - ah
And isn't she a beauty? ;) 

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