sábado, 12 de novembro de 2016

I had to check it, but no, I still hadn't post any pictures from this day. 
They are from a distant weekend back in August (?), maybe September, but it was a day I woke up late and called Mafalda to go for a walk somewhere. We ended up driving an hour away from home at lunch time and ended up in this beautiful park in a small town where we had these pics taken. 
Mafalda and I know each other for about 6 years now, I think, give it or take, Since we both moved to Lisbon back in 2014 we became inseparable. But in a very chilled way that I guess I don't share with any other friend. We both show up at each other's place without notice and bring dinner, we go for a late talk or for morning a walk. And it makes me happy. 
Yesterday I had a dinner at a friend's place and decided to come home earlier than everybody else, but late enough for the metro to have just a few trains. I got there late at nigh, it was almost 1am and the next train would take about 13 minutes to arrive. I was alone listening to music in my phone and then, out of nowhere, Mafalda texted me wishing me a good night. I mean, damn, that's the kind of thing I live for. I hate surprises but I love the unexpected (does this even make sense?)!
Just wanted to make sure I got this written down so I can always remember it and feel thankful for my friends and thought these photos would make it justice. :)) 

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