segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016

Who cares who's watching

I've debated whether I should or should not share this info with you but here it goes: I often change clothes with my windows wide open - no curtains.
So let's make this clear I do not find it particularly appropriate what so ever, but I also don't mind it at all. It is just something that doesn't concerns me, really. To be honest I don't even spend any of my time thinking about it. 
I guess I could say it is just natural to me to change clothes. As it is to have my windows open as soon as I get up in the morning. But often when I have friends over that's somehow something that worries them as soon as they realise there are other windows on the other side of the street with potential curious neighbours who could be peeking. I know, they could. But to me it is like "wow, how did you even noticed that? Like, I do it every day and I don't even look outside, I'm just doing whatever I am doing, living my life." And then I always feel like I am minorising something that is quite important to others and that I, myself, don't even care about.
And I guess this is a silly example that illustrates life: we all give different importance to all kinds of subjects in our lives. Some prioritise privacy, others value daylight and fresh air. Some can't live without chocolate, others would rather have a clean face without a pimple. And that's fine. Who cares who's juding? No one is watching ;)

Have a nice week folks :)) 

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