quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017

Chances are:

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be back to some countries, or cities, or just places. My absolute favourite trips where Amesterdam (2014); Brussels (2014) and Koln (2015). They do not coincide with my favourite destinations and/or cities (except for amsterdam), nor with my favourite architecture, gastronomy, art, lanscapes, and so on and so on.

At the end of the day I sure know what I enjoyed and what I did not like as much, but if I was to count all the pros and cons, the answers wouldn't always coincide with which my all time favourite trips really are. And life is like any other trip. By the end of it, is the feeling that counts, even if the result isn't reasonably justified by the rules of logic.

Just as the old saying goes, it is mind versus heart. But the important is to keep them both open :))

...to be continued

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