quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

Girl's Dinner

I guess this week has been a quite good one so far! First things first I finally got my driving license!! Then this was the week I got a full check sign in every single thing that was pending on my to-do list - well, except for the part about changing my bycicle's tyre, but let's pretend that's a check too - my dentist appointment is done, I finally found the courage to use contacts and I'm loving every second, both my laptop and iPhone were sent to be checked (once at a time, or I'ld probably have died) and then, to finalise this beautiful week I threw a little party just for the girls for us to say goodbye to summer! I am actually quite a geek when it comes to decorate a room, make some food, organise the room disposition with furniture, arrange some flowers and going shopping! I just get so excited I sometimes wonder if I am going bananas. Mostly because I also like the cleaning part, and I am able to sing and dance from the beginning to the end. Oh well!! ;)

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