sábado, 25 de julho de 2015

For Life

I like to think that somethings in life happen for a reason. Back in 2006, a short time after I moved to my current house, I was about to change schools. My neighbourhood was a familiar typical one and there was some new kids I didn't know. That was the summer I met some of the best friends I have to date and I know they're always going to stay with me no matter where life leads us. 
One of those friends ended up being in my class in my new school. And in the english classes we would take after school. And just like that we would become inseparable until today! 
We were a group of 3, sometimes 4 or 5 and since that summer we would spend night and day (literally!) in each other's houses. I have the best memories of all the rides home from school, the water balloon fights, the birthday parties and all the crazy stuff we would do together! I wish those times would last forever! Ha!
But we still have each other and we still make some memories. In one of these days me and R. went to my grandparent's home (it wasn't her first time and she's like family to all of us) where we prepared a little picnic and off we went to a relaxed but fun day in this natural beauty called Poço Azul. 

And I know life awaits us! Together! Forever!

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