quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2016

My Space

About 3 years ago I asked my dad if I could have a guest room we had but didn't use that much for myself. He consented and soon we started taking everything out. Not long after came the fun part and off we went shopping for new stuff, mainly furniture because I had lots of knick-knacks I didn't know where to put/store, and that was one of the reasons I asked for the room.  
I really like colour, which I didn't for a long time but I still like a white background. I know it is very trendy nowadays, but I always had and I always will. So I just added some pop of colour here and there as I felt like it. 
But there's one thing about all this. Once I finished assembling everything I felt like it wasn't quite finished yet. There was still a lot of white spots and gaps I had to fill, but with time I've learnt that it happens all by itslef with time and there is no point in buying stuff you actually don't need just to fill the free spaces you may have left. Sooner or later it all comes together perfectly! 

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