segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2016

When Friends Come Over

Honestly, more than adoring this city myself I love to show other people how I see the place where I get to live. I feel the luckiest for being able to spend my days somewhere I love, and feel safe and at home. 

I took my last exam at the end of last week and a friend of mine was in town so as soon I got rid of that piece of paper off I went to meet her and M. We had a quick lunch at a cool place and then stroll for about an hour before L had to get back. I guess I've never did that before, I mean, we were very short of time so we couldn't go anywhere too far from the place we had lunch and we did not premeditate what we were going to do, but we let go and went with the flow. And I feel I gotta do this more often, because it felt good!

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