terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2016

Life is Tricky, Stay in Your Magic

It's May 10th today. Already. May 10th. 2016. 
Classes are almost over. There's only a week and a couple of days left. Spring is being shy lately and the sun peeks inbetween gray clouds. I am still wearing boots and scarves and everyday I have to check the weather on my phone to know what to wear and if I need to bring the umbrella with me.  
I still haven't eaten any cherries so far though the strawberries are the sweetest I've had in the past few years. 

The good night texts have been replaced by not so sober messages with compliments, hearts or loving little sentences that I read in the middle of the night and which put me back to sleep. I may sound silly. I am in my tweenties, I am supposed to be silly. I don't want to be so serious just yet. 

One of my hoomies is going for a semester in Italy. I still don't know when will I see her for the last time until she comes back and I wonder if I'll know that is the moment when it comes. I love her. And I can't imagine my daily life without her right know. We are nothing alike but that is probably what I like most about our friendship. We complete each other constantly, debate the way we see life and everything that comes with it, and it is never in vain. I always learn something from her. 

I remember this same week a year ago. I recall hot days. Not merely warm, they were hot. I was already wearing my summer pajamas, the sleeves were short and I had a picnic in the park to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend. On that same day I fell flat on my face in the middle of the street, which left me with a scar I still carry on my left knee. But I've always loved scars. And moles. They make you who you are. They make you special. That's how you stand out from the crowd.
It's the fifth month of the year. 2016 has been a nice one so far. I was going to call it pleasent but I am not sure if it applies. I've certainly laughed more than I've cried. I've been happy. I have loved and learnt knew ways of loving others. I guess I've been loved in many new ways as well. I still haven't ticked my vegan/vegetarian resolutions for the year. But I will. I really want to. 

Today I have a knot in my stomach. I know why. I always do, even if I say I don't. I guess it will be over by thursday, which, I reckon, isn't far but it seemes like so to me. This won't be the last time I get this feeling. I am glad it isn't, but it sure gets on my nerves. Life is short. And tricky. But if there's something these past 5 months have thought me is that I have magic (we all do, frankly), and I will stay in it!

And suddenly it is May 11th when I finished writing this post. 

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