quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2016


Reality just hit me hard. 
For the whole semester I've been saying thrursday was the best day of the week: I only had one class and it was honestly the most interesting one - ever. Although it was at 9 a.m., I enjoyed it so much I would only sleep 3 hours to be up at time to go to class if I had gone party the night before. That's how much I loved to attend my fundamental rights' class. 
Tomorrow is my last day of classes of the semester. My last thursday and my last class of my favourite class. I admire my professor for his humanity, for his wisdom and for his good sense. His values are the ones I seek. He is smart and human at the same time, he reasons with his head and he feels with his heart.
It was not easy to be his student. I had homework to do every week: looking for news, reading essays and thinking about international problems somehow related to the class. I had to deliver a paper that required much time and effort. But it was all worth it (and I don't even know my grade yet) because I loved every single thing I've learned during these past few months. I love the feeling I get from a class I truly enjoy and from the things I learn when they genuinely interest me. I haven't felt that so intensly for a while and it is nice to know that I am still able to be touched that way. 

I guess it is time for farewell... 

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