sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016

" Sure, I could stay, but there’s a place I’d rather be"

"Sat back with the window down
Eighty an hour and the radio loud
The same songs with the same old rhymes
Tell me to shake it off and swing from the lights"
Drive, by Oh Wonder

Fact: don't feel much like photographing or letting myself be photographed lately.
This is just to contextualise the portrait above. One of the few I had taken in the past 3 months(?). I like it though. I guess it looks very natural and happy. This was a happy day indeed. That was a happy week and a happy month for sure. 
I am not always with that broad smile on my face but if there's something I sure thank and appreciate about myself is how happy and energised I wake up every morning. I guess it is my favourite part of the day. But on the other hand (and related to the lyrics) is that nights are usually the opposite to me. Not that they are necessarily sad, lame or whatsoever, but I do know that I become more vunerable to feel all sorts of feelings and to think about all sorts of stuff. In the morning I just can't bear complexity, I grin and live my life, I am optimistic and rational. By the night I am much more emotional and let myself go with a song, with a movie or with a chat with a friend usually leading to overthinking. And in those times what I enjoy most certainly is to go out for a ride, put some nice music playing loud and drive with no destination. I just love it.  
Gosh, simple things really do make me happy. I love it that way. I wish that part of me never disappears. 

This is going to be a busy weekend for me! Hope you enjoy yours :))

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