terça-feira, 30 de maio de 2017

People Who Inspire Me

While growing up I've met a few remarkable people. Which one was incredible and unique in their own way and I think that's beautiful. Naturally, some will always have more impact on you than others. Some you will connect with and some you won't. And that's just fine. 
Eventually I've realised that there are these two incredible people in my life. It happens them to be both ladies and both close to me, which makes me feel so dang special.  
Even though it took me some time to realise their full potential, since then I just knew they would do great in life. Doing whatever they would be doing, having no matter who by their side, and leading their lives no matter the place, the only constant in all of this is time: they'll always be the best at what they do.
Because they do it for love, they do it passionately, or they would not do it at all. They do it with enthusiasm and curiosity and they are never content. They also have their doubts and their mishaps. Still, they'll soon be back at their feet. 
All of this because one of that people is my sister, who is now in Prague attending a conference and let me just say I am the proudest sissy in the world. She's a young scientist leading scientific studies and researches on sexuality, she is now a published author (whoop whoop!) and I love her. I love you I.! 
pics from two weeks ago when she came to visit 

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