quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2017

Home for a week

When I first drafted this post I had nothing to say. Honestly I just wanted to keep these photos online because I love them dearly and although I do realise they are not my best ones yet, they are the only ones I got to take during this break before I go back to college,
In the past half year I felt like my will and passion for photographing was dying a bit. I've always known that times change and I do too and I am a person that goes through a whole lot of phases and cicles. But there's a pattern in me, so I always feel secure that I will get back at stuff eventually. I usually lose interest in photography during winter which is when I go out less and the lighting is poor as well. The season just isn't colourful and vibrant for me I guess. 
I still can't feel spring around the corner but I do notice that the days are longer already and it makes a huge difference to me, I can tell you that! 
I am going to keep this real and although I certainly don't want to be too negative I've been feeling bummed these past few weeks. I am tired because of an whole month spent studying and I feel it didn't even pay-off. And I guess that's the main reason really. So here I am, hoping for warmer, longer, sunnier days. And I wish they come soon!

Have a nice end of the week folks, see you soon! 

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