sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2017

This is not a fashion blog

Hey folks! Guess who's now free of duty? That's right! 
Yesterday afternoon I met M. to go for a stroll, and we obv had to bring a camera attached to us. We didn't do anything much, just hung out, chatted about this and that and kind of just enjoyed each other's company without feeling the guilt of all the work you should be doing instead of catching fresh hair, even if you have to, in order to keep yourself sane. 
We went to MAAT (my second time since its opening, the first with M) because I really wanted to go there with M for a while since it's just so beautiful there and no one sees the world in that photographic way I do as she does. 

Still I took my last exam about lunch time so I had a few more minutes to think about what I was going to wear and since that would be my first free afternoon in a long. long time (!!) I decided I would wear something a bit more colourful. I mean, my atire in the past few weeks has been something like jeans, pajamas and workout clothes (but no, I still haven't done any kind of physical exercise since last year, so, about a month at least). Anyways, it wasn't very hard to bright things up a bit. haha

I am going to be honest and let's pretend you still haven't noticed, but some days I quite enjoy having snaps of me taken as much as I enjoy snapping everything that crosses my path and although the weather wasn't very pleasent and I didn't feel at my greatest (not even near) the day was just too beautiful. I really can't explain but sitting there, staring at the pink sky and watching the river and the boats. the tiny little cars in the bridge, those are just a few of the reasons why I love Lisbon so much. That's in these moments that I often feel so blessed and thankful and happy! 

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