quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2016

Life Lately And A Few Thoughts On Childhood

A disclaimer before you think this is a lame post about self-pity. It's NOT!
So, let's begin saying that I never thought I was incredible good at anything, like THAT good. I know am median at a few things. I don't suck at sports but I'm no athlete too, I definitly can't sing whatsoever and I don't play any instrument. I'm far from being a plausible dancer or cook, 'cause I easily lose my patience.I guess I am alright at writing but I don't even like to read it afterwards. The only thing I really enjoyed and somehow though I was kinda good at was painting at first. Never liked drwaing much, but I get into coulouring very easily. I started doing some crafting and hand work at 10yo or something like that. I don't know how it started exactly. I remember liking that kind of stuff but I guess I had never really tried it until I went to 5th grade at my school where I was first intruduced to arts class and then to a little weekly club which was nothing more than a past time really. But somehow I got into it so badly that I would ask my mom to go buy me supplies every-single-weekend. Every saturday morning, to be more exact, which I guess is why I still like saturday mornings so much. :))

Now I don't spend much time around my little bits and bobs but it certainly feels good to come back home to my little studio and do a little project for once in a while.
Looking back I am so thankful my parents never told me off because it was quite an investment actually (if you'ld only see the amount of things I own, and also how pricey they are!!) because more than just an hobbie or something I enjoy doing in my free time it has taught me that even if you are not great at something, practice really does make perfect. I know this because although I know I am far from being a great artist, or drawer or whatever you want to call it, I still remember my first art projects and I actually kept a few of my favourites and now I see how much I have evolved and I believe it made me a more creative person. It can also bring you new friendships and opportunities, so, whatever it is that you like doing, just find something you really enjoy and go for it. Even if you are not the best at it, it makes you feel good and eventually you'll become better and better. 

So, besides studying, and during my breaks I've been back to business watercolouring a little bit. 

Talk to you soon, folks!

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