segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2016

A Whole

The part of me I like the most is my creative soul. I don't mean to say it in a pretentious way, but I like to like the things I like and I like to always be thinking about something new. I appreciate the importance I give to little things and how I value the small details that are sometimes insignificant to other people.
It often reflects on the way I see the world and therefore on my pictures. I also enjoy mixing them up and put them together, playing with shapes, colors and textures. 
That's what I enjoy most about myself. First because it makes me feel good on the inside, like as if I had no expectations about what others may think, I do it because it makes me feel good. I just get this feeling of fullfilment, pride and happiness, somehow. Second because I believe not everybody appreciate the same things I do and I like to think it makes me special, being my own way. 

So, the biggest compliment one can give me is saying I inspire others with my pictures, drawings, collages, or anything like that. It really makes my heart burst with joy and pride and I instantly start smiling, sometimes saying "ohhh" - haha. 
On the downside I must be honest and admit that I also get disappointed when someone I love and admire doesn't understand that part of me. I can't even explain it. I guess that's what I would fall in love with myself with. I can't be without that part of me. So, I guess I want to be loved for what I am, as a whole. And I couldn't live pretending I don't enjoy being the way I am. 

Maybe self-empowering much? Haha ;)

Wish you all a nice week!!

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