segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2016

Lisbon Of My Adulthood #9

I am a little bit lost at this thing of numbering my posts and stuff. I know it doesn't take much to go peak my other posts and check the number but that's how lazy I am, I guess. So, I tried number nine and I hope I got it right, haha. 

The post is named after my series of photos from Lisbon because that's how I relate them. They were all taken in those now so few and rare moments I get to spend wandering in the city, alone or with friends. But it is strange how I don't feel like talking about Lisbon, although I guess I'll always end up approching that topic somehow - I guess it proves it is a part of my life that I can't ignore. And I actually like that feeling. Is like this city is mine too, so it's not all new to me, I am just familiarised. 

So, what's new, you may ask? Honestly, life is so monotonous right now I don't know what to tell you. Actually I hope you are all in a happier place because all I do all day is run in the mornings, take a quick shower, cook lunch, then study, eat again, study alittle more and time to go to bed. And this sums up my days. Really, my life is pretty much that. There's also another excuse to leave the house besides jogging: grocery shopping!! I guess that's my new past-time now - boring I know, but it feels so good getting some sunshine in your skin and breathing fresh air that you'll use any excuse, trust me!

So that's it! I hope you have a nice week folks. preferably away from books and work! ;)

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