domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016


If you are expecting beautiful christmas trees, ornaments, presents or foods you are probabily going to be disapointed. There aren't any family portraits or Christmas cards too. 
So, you may ask what my christmas all about then. And I'll tell you: it was all about enjoying my family and friends - and there was a lot of studying involved as well, I wont' lie.
There was probably just one day that I really made de effort and brough my camera with me and tried to capture all those happy faces of content. But mainly I live Christmas. And there is no problem about documenting it in images, I like it myself and often do so. I actually apreciate it a lot afterwards looking back at those memories. But sometimes life is such a hurry you end up having no time to do both: create memories and have them pictured. So you have to make choices.  

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love. And if unlike me you had the opportunity to live it and snap it, good for you! :))

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