domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2016

Mornings Are My Favourites

This blog has been alive for 5 years now. I remember my first posts on Christmas. I remember fondly what I was wearing in the very first pictures uploaded - eventually that shirt was stollen from me. I remember taking those photos in Porto with my dad and sister on a hunt for christmas gifts. And I remember how I felt at the time. 
It doesn't seem far to me. But then I think about what I've been through since late 2010. And it's been a hell of a ride, with ups and downs. I try not to live wondering too much about the future, creating expectations or picturing weird scenarios, but mostly, I try not to be stuck in the past. 
I used to love memories, and I still do but in a different way. I guess they are less and less meaningful to me as the years go by.  
Lately I realised that what I like more about the past is the feeling I get fom looking at old photos. Which leads me to the next subject. I know I look all smart in these pictures, as in any other you'll see here. And I do it for fun. I like to get dressed as much as I like to go out for a walk. And as much as I like to take pictures. I may look all dolled up and maybe not even honest, but between those pictures, there is a good amount of silly and goofy photos and not necessarily ugly ones, but ones I want to keep to myself. 
And also, anytime I look at these pictures I set free in this world wide web I let a little smile slip away because more than just pictures, it was for sure a nice moment with another person. And those moments are usually mornings. 

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