sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2016

Life Lately

January is never easy. 
Being in the Northern Hemisephere around this time of year itself ain't my cup of tea. Adding exams and 4 weeks (plus 2 during Christmas and New Year's) of intensive study doesn't help too.  
All of that just to say my days are spent mostly at home, sitting in my desk with a cup of tea and a bowl of popcorn nearby. Today I had my second exam and I was so exhausted I decided to take a break and run some errands. I got out of yhe house for just an hour or two in order to go to the grocery store, buy a book and print something I needed. I also picked up a coat from the cleaner's - which was ready since last week. 
Whilst grabbing my purse I looked at my camera all lonely in the sofa and felt like I could to give it a go. The day was ending so the lighting wasn't great but it still was quite doable. I snapped this two and called it good:

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