sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2016

In The Kitchen #7

I'm debating on how to start this post. But, I guess I'll do an introduction first. So here it goes:
I live with two other girls who happen to be my colleagues at uni as well. It happens too that love is all around these parts lately and everyone takes every chance not to be home whenever the "boyfriends" are available. I'ld call it dating for sure, but we still haven't reached an agreement on that matter. We'll get there eventually. 
So, whenever no one's around I tend do eat more. Just don't ask why because I have no answers for that question - I wish I had though. 
Also, a whole month of exames means a lot of staying in an not leaving the house, which translates into taking pictures inside. So, what else better than food? 
Really, this involves no recipes or what so ever, so, just pictures.  

On a side note: B. & R. I hope you read this one of these days ;) Or in a long time from now and you laugh at your "boyfriends" haha

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