sábado, 5 de setembro de 2015

Life Lately

I probably shouldn't say this because we all know how this works, but... my inspiration and willingness to take photos have been on their highest levels for so long now. Not that I'm complaining but this is so rare I guess I haven't experienced it before. I know that when spring and summertime come I always tend to take more pictures, very likely because of the colors and lightening, but I always end up loosing the motivation.

Earlier this month, when I went to Alentejo with mom, we stopped in a little ceramic shop where everything is handmade by this lovely lady. An there are such beautiful things it is hard to choose what to bring home with you because you just want everything! I really don't know how to call it, but this is what I brough home and I use them to put my daily jewellery when I go to sleep. 

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