segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2015

What Lisbon Taught Me About Friendship

It was mostly when I came to Lisbon that I realised that some friends will definitly stay with me, no matter how distante when may be. And it was then too, when I noticed that no friend is like the other and that is a good thing. That's the best thing, actually. There aren't two people who are exactly the same and that applies to friends as well!
I love my friends. As they say, they don't have to be many, they just gotta be good. And mine are the best!

I guess I can say I have all types of friends. I have the relaxed kind and the chaotic ones, others are always happy and laughing. In between you have the cute ones and those that just don't care about all the pretty and loving stuff. Some I've never seen crying, some are annoyingly polite! But at the end of the day I guess that's what makes us richer and better people, because we love them all in different ways and we learn how to deal with so many different personalities. 

In my first year of college I met Sara and Adriana and soon we became good friends. They too are like no other of my friends, actually I find them quite different from each other! But there sure is something we have in common - we all love this city of ours! And they are my best company to go on new adventures and find new restaurants, and together we've been soaking up all of what this city has to offer! 

S. is the most relaxed one, and she's always up for coffee or anything that involves getting out of the house! I guess this is what I like the most about her. This weekend was no exeception and besides going on a charity marathon - crazy!! - we enjoyed our saturday afternoon in each others' company!

Some photos to prove it right! 

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