terça-feira, 21 de julho de 2015

At The Farm

Another thing I would  do very regularly when I was little was going to my grandparent's farm, which isn't very far from home. This part I wasn't very keen on, though. I used to go there so often I got tired and bored, mainly because I didn't have any cousins to play with at the time (i'm the second oldest)! But now that I've grown I miss coming to the farm more often, because I only come on holidays and it's very rare to visit on weekends.

Anyway, those times were some quite good ones, when I used to run free, swim with my sister and grandparents and collect the warm eggs freshly laied by the chickens, which I still love to do. Today it has another meaning, somethings are different but the essence is the same and I feel lighter and relaxed here.
My grandparents have some people that take care of most of the land but they actually enjoy doing something around here and I love to learn some more with them. And to me there is something quite magical getting to see all these veggies and fruit growing, plus you always know where the stuff you're eating comes from!

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