segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

In The Kitchen #3

I decided to take a break on the sweets (though I can almost bet it won't last) and this time I made pizza!  
I definitly am a pizza lover, I have no doubts about that and it is kind of a goal of mine to make a really good pizza myself. 

For a long time I've tried over and over again. I tested so many pizza doughs in the past,  I can't even remeber them all, but none (absolutly none, zero!) of them worked out for me, for many reasons. They either would taste raw or the dough would be impossible to stretch. And I could keep adding.
So, I am still on the pursuit of the perfect pizza dough. Actually, Jamie Oliver has quite a few that I wrote down and are still waiting for me to test them. But I kind of gave up for a while as I couldn't bare any more decepcions (or you can just call me lazy). ;) 

This time, I bought some bread dough before cooked in a local bakery and brought it home, stretched it, added the toopings and into the oven it goes! A few mistakes on me though. I should have used less dough or stretched it more because the edges cooked faster than the center (obviously) or, if unlike me you like you pizza crust quite thick it is a good idea to bake the dough for a bit before adding the toppings. 

It all turned out well. Even if not perfect it was good enough to motivate me to repeat it sometime and improve what wasn't so good at this once. 

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