quinta-feira, 16 de julho de 2015

Out And About #1

Don't know if I ever told you how lucky I am for living in such a beautiful country! 
I was born in a small city of Portugal but one thing I really appreciate and thank to my parents is that before getting to know the world I should know my own country first! When I was little we would often go on trips all around the country whether it would be on holidays or just on weekends.

Lately I've been thinking how Portugal really is a great country to live in. The weather is great, our food is actually quite good and balanced and the lanscapes - oh boy, the landscapes! - we have some of the best views! 

As I grew older these family programmes slowed down a bit but I will always cherish those memories. 
This past weekend we got to do a little escapade near my hometown though. Went out for lunch and visited an old convent that is now an hotel and then explored the surroundings! Just take a look and let the beauty speak for itself!

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