sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2015

In The Kitchen #4

And the sweet tooth strikes again!
But this time I have a good excuse! A friend organised a barbecue at her house and the girls had to bring a dessert. I was in charge of cheesecake but I didn't have all the ingredients at home and was running out of time. I love to sort something out with just a few basic ingredients. And that's how this brownies made their appearence in a super fun girls night! 
So basically I ran to the Internet and made a quick search for brownies' recipes. This time Nigella wasn't appealing enough and I ended up making the recipe from this book with a few adaptations. I must say I have never felt secure folowing recipes I haven't tried before but lately I've been feeling super confident and so far they have all turned out just fine! 

Thank you Mafalda for having us! We are always up for a remake! 

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