sábado, 11 de julho de 2015

My Toughts On Brunch

Ok, I'll admit it: all the times I had brunch was at home and never out. I've organised a little (not so little) breakfast with friends for more than once. The last one turned out to be a really late breakfast, ending up being more of a brunch really.

I've actually gone to many places that serve brunches with the intention to have one for several times. But, for many reasons I always end up having just a humble breakfast. There is something I don't like about brunch, really. 
First, I wake up way too early - Why, God, why? - to have a meal that would simultaneously feed me for breakfast and lunch, so it doesn't make sense to me eating that much just for breakfast so early in the morning when eventualy I'll end up hungry to have lunch as well, even if it is just a little after my regular lunch time. Second, in Lisbon most places, all of them I would dare to say, only serve brunch on weekends. And guess what? Most weekends I am not in Lisbon or don't feel like tackle myself up just to go out for brunch. Plus, I think brunch is so much more than just a meal, most of all, it is gathering and sharing and, for me, it only makes sense if you are going with someone who you can spend some time with, talking, laughing, and of course, sharing all that food. 

Some photos of this last Monday brunch at home, with the girls. Also, it feels good to catch up when you live in 3 different cities, because you know, a girl needs to get all the gossip actualised for once in a while. ;)

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