domingo, 5 de julho de 2015

Touristing a Bit

Best ice cream ever!!

My exams are over until next year (literally, until January 2016) so I wanted to spend a few days in Lisbon before I would go home for my summer holidays. And momma joined me for an extra fun weekend. 

In one of these days we went to Belém and had some Pastéis de Belém, walked by the river and wandered in the gardens nearby. We spent an afternoon at the beach as well, which felt good after so much walking in the past few days. Plus, the weather was just perfect and water warm enough. I actually don't remeber the last I dived and swam so much in the sea. I felt like a little fish! Sometimes I think I am the luckiest for being born in a country with such an amazing weather and this incredible coast.

I also am the luckiest for living in a central place in Lisbon. My house isn't far from my favourite places, such as Jardim da Estrela and Príncipe Real. In between those is São Bento, most know for the Parliament, but with a hidden treasure: Nannarella! Seriously, I am not a big fan of ice cream but I went nuts with this one! And this was the best night in the city with mom, I really felt like a tourist, having ice cream for dinner in such a beautiful and warm night.

Besides, I can easily walk to Gulbenkian, a museum with a big garden where me and mom spent a calm morning in the shadow, after having breakfast out. One thing I really like about my mom is that she's willing to go out for breakfast and lunch almost anytime, trying new places, even if she ends up not liking them all. But all in all I guess that now she knows and she can express an opinion herself. 

We did go to some of the more turistic places too, like Mercado da Ribeira, Chiado or Cais das Colunas. I guess there is no way you can avoid it once you're downtown because after all those are some pretty cool places, even if they're crowded. 

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